When we develop your company’s identity, a combination of marketing, communication, and sustainability are used to define strategic operational plans.

Starting with strategic marketing as a solid platform from which investments and projects can be built, we use sustainability themes as a fil rouge when defining roadmaps and growth or business development plans. Our communication strategy is targeted and multi-channel, effectively broadcasting your values, services, and products to the target audience.

We apply an “integrated” consulting methodology, involving various departments within organizations and catalyzing lasting positive transformation in people, processes, and content.

Tying all of our projects directly to the overarching strategy , we are able to foster a system that functions organically, where the idea of ‘’communication’’ seeps into all channels and ends up captivating the entire organization. This leads to greater unity, consistency, substance, and distinction intrinsically tied to the company image.

We interface directly with top management to facilitate and coordinate high impact projects.

Through workshops and guided meetings that involve all members of the main company functions, we are able to identify strategies and define marketing, sustainability, and communication guidelines that can be implemented in real time or in long and short term operations.

We collaborate, on a national and international level, with private and public sector organizations, non and for-profit companies, governmental bodies, NGOs, foundations, and associations.

We offer our broad national and international network to organizations, immediately identifying possible partners and creating synergies that can positively impact the development of collaborative projects aimed at strengthening brand image and positioning.

For its collaborators, INEDITA is a positive motor for reputational, internal, and external change.

Our projects and communications are intentionally created as tools for growth and development, and as channels that can generate new business opportunities and relationships.
We involve all levels of the value chain in our communication strategies, bringing positive results for the organization as a whole system.